Villiers MK 20

2.5 HP @ 2,500 RPM

This MK 20 was manufactured between 1950 and 1957 in Ballarat Victoria Australia by Norton-Villiers Australia

The MK 20 is a side valve four-stroke engine. The MK 20 is air-cooled by fan. Ignition is by Villiers flywheel type magneto to an 18mm spark plug. Lubrication is by splash from a wet sump.

These engines were manufactured by Villiers in Marston Rd Wolverhampton England, and their subsidiaries in various parts of the British Empire. Models with an X after the first three numerals in the serial number were made in Australia sometimes using imported components. These engines were widely used in rural Australia running an assortment of machinery, cement mixers, water pumps, post-hole borers, lawn mowers and rotary hoes to name a few. Today you can still find these engines in use in rural Australia, although not as numerously as in years gone by.

Internal dimensions of the engine are bore 63mm stroke 66.7mm, 206.5cc. Fuel-tank capacity 1/2 gallon.