Sundial Type B

2 HP @ 600 RPM

This is the 28th type B manufactured in 1938 in Sunshine Victoria Australia by H.V.Mckay � Massey Harris Pty Ltd.

The 2hp engine had 2 major design changes. Initially the type A engine was of OHV design, painted red. Then came the S.V. type B design. Initially this also was painted red, followed by the green painted type B.

The colour change to green was introduced in 1943. Other minor changes were made to improve the engine during its production run from 1926 to 1949. The type B design was of simple, horizontal cylinder design starting at serial Number 5803 in 1938. Cooling was by hopper. Lubrication was by total loss, with cylinder lubricated by drip oiler, major bearings by wick oiler, and other moving parts by oilcan.

Internal dimensions of the engine are bore: 4inchs, and stroke: 4 1/2 inchs. Ignition is by high tension magneto to an 18mm sparkplug. Fuel is sucked from a 7/8 gal. tank located under the engine (between the skids) by induction vacuum through a needle valve. Drive is usually by flat belt from the standard 6 1/2inchs pulley, which can be mounted, on either flywheel.