Southern Cross YB

4 HP @ 1200 RPM

This YB was manufactured in 1948 in Toowoomba Queensland Australia.

The engine is a four horse-power, four stroke water cooled, direct injection diesel.

Cooling is achieved by either, a tank (as on this engine), an engine mounted hopper or an engine mounted radiator.  These engines were designed to run for long periods of time under load, as a result Southern Cross advised that YBís running up to eight hours a day had a water capacity of 33 gallons in the tank and for engines running longer than eight hours at a time a water tank capacity of ninety gallons.  These engines were also used in the marine environment and a saltwater cooling system was available for the YB used in this environment.

The lubrication system is pressurised oil pumped by an internal oil pump from the sump around the engine.  An oil pressure gauge is fitted and oil pressure is to be between 15lbs and 25lbs.

The original fuel filter is a cloth-covered frame housed in a crankcase cast hollow.  It served a dual purpose to preheat the fuel using the heat in the casting as the engine ran as well as filter it.