Southern Cross Type PA-A

3 HP @ 600 RPM

Manufactured in 1939 in Toowoomba Queensland Australia by the Southern Cross Foundry.

The Southern Cross PA-A is a member of the P type engine family consisting of the 2HP PA, the 3 or 4HP PA-A these are referred to as the small Ps. The other members of the P family are the large Ps PB, PC, PD and are 5 or 6HP. The PA-A was manufactured between 1936 and 1939 the total number produced was 559 engines. It is a four-stroke side valve engine. The engine is water- cooled and came with three options for water-cooling. A front mounted rectangular hopper or hose fittings to an external tank, or a round hopper mounted on top of the head. The PA-A with the round hopper mounted on top of the head is uncommon and quite rare. A petrol engine that had a diaphragm operated fuel pump. The carburettor is of the adjustable needle and seat type with butterfly valve operated by governor. Without a float bowl and float to control fuel flow as more modern carburettors have, this engine was fitted with a fuel return line that piped excess fuel back into the fuel tank much the same as found commonly on diesel engines.