Southern Cross Type AX-C

3HP @ 1800 RPM

2HP @ 1200 RPM

This AX-C was manufactured in 1949 by the Southern Cross Foundry in Toowoomba Queensland Australia

The Southern Cross AX-C is an overhead valve four-stroke engine. The engine is air cooled by flywheel fan. Starting is by crank-handle on a two to one reduction camshaft. Fuel is supplied to the engine by carburettor. Engine speed is controlled by governor, the governor can be set so that the engine runs at either 1200 rpm or 1800 rpm delivering 2hp or 3hp respectively. Spark is generated by magneto and delivered through a spark plug. Power from the engine is delivered to the machine it is to run by a belt running off the groove in the flywheel, or from a smaller pulley fitted on the crankshaft on the outside of the flywheel, or from a pulley not greater than 7inchs  in diameter fitted to the cam shaft.

These engines were produced at the Southern Cross Foundry in Toowoomba Queensland between 1944 and 1952 with a total number of 3825 engines being built.