Southern Cross ETB

2.5 HP @ 1500 RPM

Manufactured in Toowoomba in 1955

The ETB is a single cylinder engine. Cooling is by fan forced air from a flywheel driven fan forcing cool air through the engine cylinder fins. The engine is an overhead valve four-stroke engine. The engine is a direct injection diesel engine. This engine has a Bosch injector fuel pump made in Germany. Earlier versions of this engine had a similar type of fuel injection pump made by Pyrox Australia. After the demise of Pyrox a new source for injector pumps was needed and Bosch met this need.

Before cold starts it is necessary to remove the oil inlet cap in the tappet cover invert and fill with oil. Pour the oil into the opening and replace the cap. This bumps up compression and lubricates the top end prior to cranking.

In 1955 Southern Cross in Toowoomba had a very good year with sales of the ETB. That year there were three production runs resulting in 829 ETBs being manufactured. This engine is from the third production run in 1955 in which 250 ETBs were manufactured.