Ronaldson & Tippett CM diesel

3.5 HP @ 1000 RPM

This engine was manufactured in 1953 in Victoria Australia.


This diesel is a four stroke engine and fairly conventional in all ways except one.  The valve and tappet arrangement.  The valves are located one on each side of the head opposite each other.  The exhaust valve is fitted into the head, the air inlet valve is fitted into a cage and the cage into the head, this is to facilitate the fitting and removal of the valves.  The rocker arms are fitted to axles and to them are fitted, with cotter pins, two more arms containing the tappet adjustment screws. Then the push rods to the cam, the rest is standard.  The piston is unusual in that it has a raised section in the middle that looks like a small piston attached to the top of a flat piston.  It is however one unit, and the head is designed to accommodate this unusual piston.