Ronaldson-Tippett Type N 3 HP @ 900 RPM manufactured in 1948

Austral Ronaldson-Tippett Type NA 2 3/4 HP @ 1500 RPM manufactured in 1946.

Both engines made in Ballarat Victoria Australia by Ronaldson Bros Tippett Ltd.

The type N is a side valve four-stroke engine. Cooling on this engine is by water hopper, however some type N engines were tank cooled. The type NA is an aircooled version of the water-cooled type N. Lubrication on the type N, NA is by splash from a wet sump. Ignition is by high-tension magneto to an 18mm (7/8) spark plug. Fuel is supplied to the engine by induction vacuum through a needle valve. Speed is controlled by governor.

The Type N variety was produced from about 1927 well into the 1950s. During its production life it remained virtually unchanged except for minor improvements in the valve system and bearing areas. Ronaldson & Tippett sold engines under a large number of different names, somewhere between 60 and 70 in fact for various companies. The type N reached a milestone in its production when in 1949 the 50,000th type N rolled off the production line.