Wing Pilot

This Wing Pilot engine was manufactured in Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia in the 1950s. 


It is a four-stroke, single cylinder, side valve engine.  It produces 2HP @ 1800 RPM.  The engine was designed for marine use and is mainly made of aluminium.

The bore and stroke are 2.2 X 3.  Lubrication is by splash from a wet sump.  The original carburettor is a side draft carburettor, not the one on this example.  I am still looking for an original.  The exhaust pipe muffler on this example is not original either.


Speed is controlled by either a throttle or governor depending on the use.  As stated these engine were designed for marine use but found use on a variety of machinery, for example, water pumps, generators and even a drag saw.


Pilot engines were fitted with the popular and reliable Lucas RS1 magneto.

This is the first start up after a rebuild.