Norman T600

6 HP @ 1800 RPM

This engine was manufactured in Warwick England in 1948

The T600 is a horizontally opposed twin cylinder side valve four-stroke engine. The engine is air-cooled. Cool air is produced by the fan incorporated into the flywheel at the front of the engine and guided back through the cylinder fins by tinware over the cylinders and heads thereby removing the heat.

Ignition is by high-tension magneto, these engines came with either a Wico or BTH magneto, this one has the Wico type A magneto.

Fuel is supplied to the engine by a Solex carburettor, which is interestingly placed at the bottom rear of the engine and coupled to an inlet manifold that is coupled to the inlet port on each head. The exhaust pipes on this are not like the originals, but home made.

These engines were mainly used to power generators, some did have a pulley fitted to the flywheel for a belt to drive other equipment, but the design only lends itself to light work.

This engine has been in my collection for a number of years and came to me literally as a basket of parts.  It had considerable damage to various parts and was missing a number of others.  The photo is of the engine assembled as a stationary, stationary engine.  Finally now after some years of searching I have managed to find ang purchase another T600, also not running, but having all the parts on it I needed to get one T600 running.  The video is of the completed T600 running. I have noticed most people leave the tinware off and I guess the reason is because it rattles and is quite noisy, but even so the tinware is a part of the engine so I have decided to leave it on.