Moffat Virtue V3

3 HP @ 1000 RPM

Manufactured in Australia in 1958-9

Moffat Virtue engines were manufactured in Rosebery Sydney.  This engine is a side valve four-stroke petrol engine.  Lubrication is by splash and oil vapour from a wet sump.  

This particular variation of the V3 is designed to run a generator.  The significant differences between this engine and other V3 engines are, this engine is tank cooled not hopper cooled and has a float bowl on its adjustable needle carburettor allowing for a wall mounted fuel tank.  These changes allowed for a larger cooling water capacity and a larger fuel tank capacity which meant the engine could be run for longer periods of time without the need for refuelling or being stopped to cool.

Engine speed is adjusted by increasing or decreasing the pressure on the governor spring.  This is achieved by loosening the brass lock nut and turning the hollow threaded brass spring cap in or out.