Marino (Cooper) RV & Pump

1 HP @ 2100 RPM

Manufactured in Australia in 1951

Marino Products PTY. LTD. were located in Barry Parade Brisbane Queensland.  The engine is a side-valve slant single cylinder four stroke.  It is air-cooled.  This engine has the option of pull start by rope or kick-start.  The fuel tank is a cast iron tank mounted under the engine. 

Marino did not manufacture engines, in this example of their products the engine is a Cooper RV rebadged Marino.

The base is cast iron and the pump is a pressure pump.  The base has the name ‘Marino’ cast in to it.  There are no manufactures marks on the pump.  I am unsure whether Marino cast the bases and manufactured the pumps themselves or had them contracted from other manufacturers like the engine and just assembled the components.