Lister LP-1

3.5 HP @ 3600 RPM

This Lister LP-1 was manufactured in 1967 by Petter for Lister. It is simply a re-badged Petter AA-1

This engine is an air-cooled overhead valve four-stroke direct injection diesel engine. These engines in this form were manufactured from 1964 up until 1992.

There are a number of variations of this type of engine due to technical development and uses. It is interesting to note that the original design continued production until 1992 when along the way other models came out like the Lister AC-1, a 7HP engine with a few design changes like the option to run a half engine speed PTO, electric, crank or rope start, various fuel tank, muffler and air-cleaner options and the elimination of the need for a priming cup to start the engine. Other than that it is basically the same as the AA-1.

The engine was available with a cord pull start or a crank handle start depending on the buyers preference. These engines can be found powering generators, water pumps, cement mixers, hydraulic pumps etcetera.