Lister-Petter AC-1

2.8HP @ 1500 RPM

7.1HP @ 3600 RPM

This Lister-Petter was manufactured in Dursley, Gloucestershire U.K. in 1971.

The AC-1 is a direct injection overhead valve four-stroke diesel engine. It is air-cooled by a fan mounted on the crankshaft behind the flywheel. Lubrication is by internal oil pump through a replaceable oil filter cartridge to all internal moving parts.

These engines were designed for continuous running and had a life of 20,000 hours. At the 20,000 hour point the engines could be rebuilt at a reasonable cost and would perform as new. Speed is controlled by either a throttle or governor depending on the use. The governor on this engine is adjustable to run the engine at any speed between 1500 to 3600 rpm.

The AC-1 came as a basic model and a number of styles of air-cleaners, fuel tanks and PTO accessories were available. The PTO shaft could be fitted to run at crankshaft speed or at half crankshaft speed.

These engines were produced from 1970 until 1985 and were supplied globally.