Buzacott Type C

3 HP @ 1000 RPM

This Buzacott type C was manufactured in 1943 at the Westinghouse Rosebery Engine Works Sydney Australia

The type C was manufactured from February 1940 starting at engine number 16000 and was produced until 1959. An average of 2,260 type C engines were produced per annum. The final production number was 43,000 engines at the end of production in 1959. The type C Model was available with horse-powers ranging from 1HP to 4HP.

The type C is a four stroke, water-cooled, side valve engine. It is lubricated by a wet splash sump. The engine is started on petrol and then switched over to kerosene and run on kerosene.

These engines ran a variety of implements, from milking machines to water pumps. A number of these engines were produced in the mid 1940s with longer than standard crankshafts as a special order for a company manufacturing drag-saws.