Buzacott Farm Pumper

1 1/2 HP @ 500RPM

Manufactured in 1924 by the Buzacott-Rosebery Engine Works at Rosebery in Sydney, N.S.W.

This engine was tested on 25/09/1924. It was sold by Buzacott Brisbane on 3/04/1925. The first engine built at the original Rosebery Engine Works was a Pumper No 210 sold on 14/11/1921. The Buzacott Farm Pumper is a single cylinder hit and miss engine. It is started on petrol and then run on kerosene, it can however simply run on petrol. Ignition is by magneto to a spark plug. The engine is air-cooled. Lubrication is by drip oiler to the cylinder, grease caps to all bearings and oilcan elsewhere. The brass pump is a simple piston pump.

A branch of Buzacott & Co at Adelaide Street Brisbane concentrated on manufacturing and supplying agricultural equipment. Because of the group's growth in operations, new premises for manufacturing were built at Dunning Ave Rosebery, Sydney. By 1940 Buzacott (Queensland) had branches in Townsville, Cairns, Mackay,Rockhampton, and Brisbane. E.W and W.V Buzacott remained directors until 1948 and 1949 respectively. In 1957 Buzacott (Queensland) was bought out and ceased to trade.