Wolseley WD8

3 HP @ 1250 RPM


Manufactured in England in 1952 driving a Southern Cross 32V DC Generator supplying power through a Buzacott-Wolseley switchboard of the same era.

The engine is a water-cooled side valve four-stroke, it starts on petrol and via the fuel tap is switched to kerosene for running.  Lubrication is by splash from a wet sump. 

The Southern Cross generator is a 32volt DC (direct current) model and produces voltage from 32volts to 42 volts supplying a maximum of 25 amps. It was assembled at the Southern Cross foundry in Toowoomba. Some components were sourced from other Australian electrical manufactures.

The Buzacott-Wolseley switchboard was manufactured in Sydney. 

A variety of 32volt DC tools and appliances were available.  Some I have come across include, vacuum cleaners, jugs, toasters, radios, mix-masters, sewing machines, soldering irons, clothes irons, and an electric hedger.