Sundial Type A

2 HP @ 600 RPM

Serial Number: Not known

This type A was manufactured Prior to 1930 in Sunshine Victoria Australia by H.V.Mckay Massey Harris Pty Ltd.

The type A engine was an OHV design, painted red. It was manufactured from 1926 up until 1935. From then came the SV type B design. Initially this also was painted red, followed by, in 1943, the green painted type B which remained in production until 1949.

The main reason for redesigning the engine from OHV to SV was because soot build up in the exhaust pipe would fall onto the exhaust port and cause the valve to stop working effectively.  The type A is an open crank engine and the type B became an enclosed crank engine with the addition of a cast iron bolt on crank cover.

Unfortunately this engine was missing its ID plate so an estimate of its age was made using the casting numbers on the crankcase, head and carburettor.

Internal dimensions of the engine are bore: 4, and stroke: 4 1/2. Ignition is by high tension magneto to an 18mm sparkplug. Fuel is sucked from a 7/8 gal. tank located under the engine (between the skids) by induction vacuum through a needle valve.