Petter PAZ1

1.7 HP @ 1100RPM

The Petter PAZ1 was manufactured from 1953 up until 1981.  It seems no records exist for dating an individual engine.


The engine is a single cylinder air-cooled four-stroke diesel.  These engines were used for a variety of purposes, some of which include marine use, driving small mobile machinery, and stationary engine uses. 


While the original engine used the same crankcase casting as Petter’s 3 HP petrol engine of the time some design changes were made in the castings during its manufacturing life to allow for more flexible use. 


This example can have a gearbox and clutch assembly attached to drive a marine craft or small vehicular machine.  It can also have an auxiliary shaft attached to the crankshaft to drive a belt or chain driven machine, pump, generator, etc.


Generally the engine is over-engineered and a very strong engine designed to give years of trouble free service.