McDonald SD

2 HP @ 500 RPM

This engine was manufactured in 1939

in Victoria Australia


The engine  is a heavy oil engine employing the 'Brons' vapourizing cup system.  This system was I believe designed in Germany then licensed out to other countries. The Brons system made by McDonald was under licence from Holland where it was called the HVID system, thus what we call the VEED system.


The engine is an open crank total loss engine.  The oil splash guard and air filter on this one are not original, I am still searching for original ones. 


Interesting to note lubrication of the cylinder is via the drip oiler on the side set at 16 drops per minute mounted above a simple piston oil pump which runs off the push rod.  The engine uses kerosene to start and the whatever heavy fuel oil you have (I use diesel).