Lister CS

3.5 HP @ 650 RPM

This engine was manufactured by R.A.Lister Ltd at the Dursley Works England in 1953


The patent for this engine was taken out in 1930.  These engines were produced in a 3.5 HP and 6 HP model.  They were produced virtually unchanged from the 1930ís until I believe about 1955.  Even today an Indian copy of this engine is still manufactured and availab  le new.


The engine is a single cylinder water-cooled four-stroke diesel.  It has an external oil pump, which has a handle for manual priming and then once the engine starts the pump runs off a cam.  The fuel pump is mounted above the oil pump and is driven by the same cam lobe.  The push rods for the rockers are external and the exhaust valve lifter has a plate for the decompression lever to slide under to decompress the engine for cranking.  The large valve (screw tap) on the head is a variable compression valve.  The valve is closed to start the engine and when the engine reaches running speed the valve is opened fully and lowers the compression in the cylinder for running.  This engine does run with the valve open, but under no load the exhaust is smoky.  If the engine is run, even with no load, with the valve closed the engine does not smoke, but the governor needs to be backed off to slow the engine.