Fuller and Johnson / General Electric

32 volt DC Lighting and battery charging plant

RPM 980

Manufactured in America. 

Date of manufacture unknown, but casting date is 22/03/1920

The engine is a vertical finned aircooled four-stroke engine.  It is started on petrol and then runs on kerosene. The generator armature is fitted to the engine crankshaft and a pulley is provided for a flat belt power take off.  When using the P.T.O. the generator can be turned off so that it is not generating allowing the engine to run the P.T.O. alone, however if required both can be run at the same time. When set up to charge batteries the engine can be started electrically using the batteries.  The generator has both generating and starting coils.  Most of these engines were battery and coil ignition, but from 1919 until 1933 they were available with either battery and coil ignition or a Wico EK or Bosch magneto. The engine was manufactured by Fuller and Johnson and the electrical components manufactured by General Electric.  I think the units were assembled by Fuller and Johnson.  These units were available in 32 volt and 110 volt, I am not sure, but I think only the 32 volt model was available in Australia. The sole Australian agents for these generator sets were, Australian General Electric, Mazda House, Clarence St, Sydney.