Vintage Stationary Engines

From Bruce and Trish's collection

For the preservation of our history for future generations, we are always looking for vintage stationary engines.

If you have an engine that might be of interest to us please send us an email

Please note: While we appreciate all contact, contact does not automatically mean we will buy your engine.


Please click your mouse on an engine photo below for information on that engine.

3D videos of the engines running are available on each engine page or you can visit YouTube You will need a 3D screen & glasses or anaglyph glasses.  YouTube settings allow you to view the videos in 2D if you prefer.



Australian made Buzacott Farm Pumper driving a brass well pump
Australian made Sundial type B 2 HP Australian made Southern Cross PAA

Australian made Kelly and Lewis KE 4 HP
Australian made Buzacott Type C 3 HP Australian made Harris, Scarfe & Sandovers type 3PB
Australian made Mac Donald SE Hvid Diesel Australian made Ronaldson & Tippett N
Australian made Ronaldson & Tippett NA driving an
Australian made Rega pump

Australian made Southern Cross AXC 3 HP
American made Clinton Model 494 Australian made Southern Cross ETB Diesel 2 HP
English made BSA Model 320 power plant English made Norman T 600
Australian made Villiers Mk 10 driving an
Australian made Clor posthole drill

Australian made Villiers MK 20
English made Lister LP-1 English made Petter AC-1

Australian made Southern Cross YB Diesel
 Villiers type C.  Australian made Buzacott -Rosebery 2HP

Australian made Marino (Cooper) engine
and pump on original base
Australian made
Moffat-Virtue V3
Australian made McDonald CE Diesel

Australian made
Pilot Marine engine

Australian made McDonald SPI
diesel engine (Macsdiesel)

Australian made Sundial Type A 2HP

American made New Way Type C
model A
Wolseley WD8 driving a Southern Cross
32volt lighting plant.
Lister CS 3.5 HP Diesel engine
American made Fuller and Johnson
/ General Electric 32 volt DC
power plant.

Petter PAZ1 Diesel engine


The National Historical Machinery Association (N.H.M.A)

The Old Machinery Magazine (T.O.M.M.)

Note: YouTube videos are available to watch on some of the engine pages.

More engine information and pictures to be added as we acquire them.

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